World Disco Soup Day - The Brussels Session

zaterdag, 29 april, 2017

Let’s fill bellies instead of bins!
Join the first World Disco Soup Day in history on April the 29th !

This year the Slow Food Youth Network decided to organize the first World Disco Soup Day to join forces in a worldwide demonstration against the scandal of food waste.
While in some parts of the world people suffer from hunger, one third of the food intended for human consumption is being thrown away every year. According to FAO (2013) the carbon footprint of food wastage is equivalent to the third top emitter after the USA and China. It's clear we have a huge challenge ahead of us. Time for some action! 

Disco Soup events see people coming together in public places to chop vegetables sourced from local markets and big retailers that would otherwise go to waste; often in huge quantities, always to music. 

Trough the Disco Soup, we have the opportunity to turn the problem of food waste into a positive event, while making a really strong case. 
Armed with peelers, pots, pans and disco beats Disco Soups, partecipants show that the best thing to do with food that would otherwise go to waste is to eat it, raising awareness on food-waste in a convivial way!

About the Brussels Disco Soup Day :

Place :
RecyK : 55 quai Demets, 1070 Anderlecht
Timeline :
17h30: Start, chopping and preparing the beautiful veggies
18h00: Chop and swing with a great band
20h00: Serving the soup and talking about food waste
20h00-22h30: Finishing the soup and party with a DJ
22h30-23h30: Finish the beer and help us clean 
More details :

If you want to join us and organize your own local Disco Soup,
let us know and read the toolkit (
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