Slow Talks 'Food Waste - from Farm to Fork'

dinsdag, 27 oktober, 2015

Slow Talks is a series of conferences organised by the Slow Food Youth Network Brussels which aims to raise awareness amongst a wide audience about major and urgent issues occurring in our food system.

Here's the first Slow Talk 'Food Waste - from Farm to Fork'. As food waste happens at every stage of the food chain (on the land, in the processing and distribution phase, at home, all the way up to the waste caused by the European legislation), we invited a number of speakers from different backgrounds to discuss this fundamental issue.

27 October 2015



Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle
25, Rue des Ursulines
1000 Bruxelles



Discussion moderated by Marta Messa, Slow Food International

Food Waste in the fields
Jean-Pierre De Leener, organic farmer and Bord member of Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels

Food Waste into the distribution
Claudia Kaiser, Metabolance shop owner
Representative of  the Colruyt Group (tbd)

Food Waste at home (tbc)

Food Waste in the UE
Anne-Laure Gassin, European Commission Member

Citizen initiatives ans conclusions
Alice Codsi, Disco Soupe et Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network

Questions & answers

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