Slow Food

Slow Food is a movement involving millions of people passionate about good, clean and fair food. Our heterogeneous network consists of leaders, youth activists, farmers, fishers, experts and academics from more than 150 countries. What unites them is the pleasure for a good food as well as the commitment to their local communities and the environment.

The global network consists of a series of sub-networks:

  • A network of approximately 100,000 Slow Food members
  • Terra Madre network consisting of 2,000 food communities worldwide committed to sustainable agriculture and fishing craft and quality food production
  • Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN), an international network of young people who bring about changes in the field of food production and consumption

Slow Food was founded in 1989 to counter the rise of fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and to fight the industrialisation of agriculture and the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Slow Food aims to encourage citizens to understand the source of their food and  the impact their everyday food choices have on our planet. But most importantly, Slow Food constantly develops Terra Madre, a project of fair agriculture where the extraordinary diversity of each continent is respected as a whole.  

Slow Food works around the world to protect food biodiversity, forge links between producers and consumers and to draw attention to some of the most pressing issues affecting our food system. Slow Food:

  • has identified more than 2,400 food products at risk of extinction to be saved from vanishing - Ark of Taste
  • coordinates more than 400 projects with groups of small-scale farmers to support products at risk of extinction - Slow Food Presidia
  • has launched more than 2,000 gardens worldwide
  • coordinates 44 Earth Markets around the world
  • coordinates the Alliance of chefs with small-scale producers

Local chapters of Slow Food, so called «Convivia», bring the Slow Food philosophy to life through the events and activities they organise in their communities. Convivia are open to all: professionals and food enthusiasts. By joining a Slow Food Convivium, you will participate in its projects and activities and you'll discover your local food traditions, food producers in your area and the best places to find good, clean and fair products.

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