In this section, you can download certain documents related to Slow Food and our activities:

1. Statute of Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels 

Document in French : download (.pdf)

2. Statute of Slow Food International 

Document in English :  download (.pdf)

3. Mission and Project of Slow Food International

-Document in French : download (.pdf)
Document in English : download (.pdf)

4. Presidium products 

The “Presidia” are authentic and traditional products which are at risk of extinction. The document describes what a Presidium exactly is and shows the list of those identified worldwide. Most of the Presidia products were initially part of Slow Food's Ark of Taste.

Document in French : download (.pdf)

5. The Ark of Taste

The Ark of Taste is a catalog of good, clean and fair food products which are closely linked to the traditions and cultures from all over the world. The document describes what the Ark of Taste is and allows you to nominate a product that you want to embark on the Ark. 

Document in French : download (.pdf)
Document in English : download (.pdf)

6. General Assembly 14/04/2016

Slides out of our presentation for GA of 14/04/2016

Document in English : download (.pdf)

slow_food_statute_2012.pdf (112.86 KB)Download
sfmb_statuts.pdf (269.75 KB)Download
doc_congr_fra_def.pdf (189 KB)Download
sfcongress2012_central_role_of_food.pdf (162.81 KB)Download
ing_libretto_i_presidi_sf_2015.pdf (4.92 MB)Download
fra_arkoftaste_lr.pdf (3 MB)Download
arca_manuale_eng.pdf (3.02 MB)Download