About our Convivium

Our Convivium - Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels aims to establish Food Community in the Brussels area, district Halle-Vilvoorde and Walloon Brabant province. We strive to restore old ties between the consumers and producers from these areas and develop economic and social cooperation between all the actors of this community, including the expatriates. 

We want to act in a full political neutrality and to collaborate with all structures of Slow Food International in Belgium and around the world.

We wish to achieve our goals by exercising the following tasks set in accordance with the values and rules of Slow Food International, especially those regarding Convivia. We want to: 

  • encourage the inhabitants of Metropolitan Brussels to return to the roots of the food system; to rediscover traditional, artisanal, local and organic foods; to strengthen the local economy; to fight against food waste and finally, to regain power over what they eat
  • appeal not only to all structures of Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes), but also to producers, retailers, associations, cooperatives and food markets, and most of all to the general public
  • focus on the four core pillars of our convivium: education, communication, mobilisation and management
  • defend biodiversity and safeguard countless traditional grains, vegetables, fruits, animal breeds and food products threatened by extensive standardisation, monoculture, waste, pesticides and fertilizers that characterise the food industry focused on the maximum profit. In this context, we are involved in the following projects of Slow Food International: Ark of Taste, Slow Food Presidia and Terra Madre.

To achieve the above objectives, our convivium organises activities such as theme days, lectures, screenings, tastings, tours, informative walks, exhibitions, courses and convivial meals. We also ensure the dissemination of information, books and articles, on paper and on the internet.

Although our focus remains on the local food community of Brussels, we also look beyond that scope and wish, where necessary and possible, to promote Slow Food across Belgium in collaboration with the local Convivia.

We therefore want all food awareness initiatives to work actively together and seek partnerships around what unites us - Slow Food.

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