Our new Team's letter

Dear Slow Food members,

As you may have read in the emails by Catherine Piette and by Paolo Di Croce, the Slow Food Brussels Convivium - led so far by the ASBL Karikol - has handed over the lead of the local chapter to a new team: Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels.

Here you will find a short presentation of our team.

We want to invite you, the members of Slow Food in Brussels, to our first General Assembly on Wednesday 10 June at 20h at the Marché des Tanneurs. You will receive the agenda in the weeks before the event. You are welcome to join us on the following dates :

  • Wednesday 20/05 Get to know the Convivium and enjoy the screening of the documentary « Liber Terres » (unfortunately no English subtitles available)
  • Wednesday 10/06 General Assembly of Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels 

You will soon receive all details of these (and more) events, where you will learn all about our plans and how you can get involved. We would like to explain to you, in brief, the direction we decide to take with the new Convivium, with the support of Slow Food International.

As the name 'Metropolitan Brussels' indicates, we wish to involve and represent producers, retailers and consumers beyond the urban boundaries and renew the bounds of the large Brussels Food Community: cheese makers, food gardeners, brewers, millers, meat producers... they all wish their quality products find their way into Brussels. In turn, those living in Brussels can benefit from the freshness, flavours and quality of products that are 'slow'.

Together with you, we want to rediscover traditional local foods and develop a short food supply chain. We wish to encourage return to the land, to reinforce the local economy, to state clearly people’s power to choose the food they want to eat, to fight against the food waste and the loss of food biodiversity. Politically neutral, we wish to collaborate with all Slow Food chapters in Belgium, as well as involve all communities living in Brussels by communicating in 3 languages.

We will build on the work accomplished by the ASBL Karikol during the last 8 years. Our work will be broad in terms of approach (involving restaurants, of course, but also producers, retailers, associations, cooperatives and food markets, the general public) and coherent with the mission of Slow Food International, the statute of the Convivia and the vision determined at the last Slow Food International Congress in 2012. In this sense, we wish to invest our hearts and minds in the international Slow Food projects - Ark of TasteSlow Food Presidia, Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto.

We would like to fulfill these aims by focusing on 4 pivotal areas:

  1. education of students and young professionals
  2. lively communication with members and friends
  3. mobilisation of members and of the public through awareness-raising actions
  4. transparent management of the Convivium, also registered locally as an ASBL

We will organise thematic days/months, tasting sessions, conferences, visits, educational bike rides, public events, activities in schools and convivial meals. We will publish articles and other materials, some printed and all available on our website. You can also find us on Facebook.

You can support our Convivium in the way you want: as a supporter, as a workshop teacher or as a manager of a workgroup: it is up to you! As soon as the list of members adhering to our Convivium will be confirmed, members who wish to actively engage in the Convivium will be invited to become 'effective members', so as to involve them in the decision-making of the group (by Belgian law, only members registered as 'effective members' have a right to vote in general assemblies).

It is our turn now, but it is also your turn, Slow Food members, to lead Brussels towards a good, clean and fair food system. So come and help us and make this Convivium your own!

Kind regards, and looking forward to seeing you on one of our events!

Tom, Magda, Marta, Philippe, Jean, Patrick and Jean Pierre