Looking for a better fish to fry - SFM in Genoa

From 14 - 17 May the coastal city of Genoa hosted once again an international event dedicated to sustainable fishing: Slow Fish. SFM could not miss it, so our small delegation went to the northern Italy to join other sea-food lovers from around the world to enjoy sunny weather, beautiful ligurian landscapes and, of course, eat fish.
The seventh edition of Slow Fish gave special attention to the problems of pollution and the shortage of young people who are replacing older retiring fishers. It also examined issues related to governance, using local ecological knowledge and involving local communities. For four days the old port of Genoa became the international hub for scholars, representatives of fishers associations, politicians chefs and also the consumers debating the current situation and the future of fishing. 
Well represented were the Slow Food Presidia - traditional artisanal products at risk of extinction. We tasted the cured and smoked herring from Norway and the 'collatura di alici' - traditional anchovy extract coming from Cetara. But not only fishers were there, we had a chance to sample traditionally made pesto from Genova and it was to die for! 
We came back a bit suntanned, full of memories and with our backpack stuffed with 16 kg of goodies bought during the event. If you didn't participate at the event year, we can only tell you one thing. Look out for the date announcements for the next Slow Fish in 2017. We guarantee it's worth participating!
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