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Madeleine Hanssen is one of a kind. She is the last remaining producer of the traditional raw-milk Herve cheese.Read more
1 village, 4 days, 23 countries, 300 cheese producers, 270 000 visitors. That’s the 10th edition of Cheese in a nutshell. This Slow Food’s biannual event is focused on the rich heritage, undeniable importance and extraordinary biodiversity of raw milk cheeses.Read more
par Tom Smeets, Président de Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels Nous sommes tous les jours bombardés de conseils nutritionnels, de produits de régime, de fiches-cuisine, de livres sur l’alimentation et de...Read more
On the 12th and 13th of September 2015, Alternatiba will set up its tents at the Quai à la Houille, close to Place Sainte Catherine (1000 Brussels)...Read more
Feeding the planet is the biggest challenge our generation has to face. With EXPO 2015 focusing on exactly this, the world is looking to Milan for answers.Read more
Depuis plusieurs années, la tendance se confirme : le Belge consomme moins de viande, et moins de bœuf en particulier. Entre 2005 et 2014, donc en 8 ans, la consommation...Read more
Préambule Alors que nous sommes encore sous le choc de la pression exercée par l’AFSCA sur le dernier producteur fermier de fromage de Herve au lait cru, un autre scandale,...Read more
On May 23, 2015, citizens in 50 countries marched against Monsanto and other multinationals like Bayer and Syngenta.Read more
In defense of Herve and, more generally, of the heritage of all raw milk cheeses, the mayor of Herve, Pierres Yves Jeholet, and the Belgian Minister of Agriculture, Willy Borsus, have intervened.Read more
On the 24 April without the qualified majority of the Member States either for or against, the European Commission permitted import and marketing of 19 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in...Read more
From 14 - 17 May the coastal city of Genoa hosted once again an international event dedicated to sustainable fishing: Slow Fish. SFM could not miss it, so our small...Read more
Slow Food Presidia sustain quality production at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties. The project was born...Read more
Local food producers keep struggling to conform with rigid requirements that demand disproportionate investments suitable for large-scale industrial production.Read more
Dear Slow Food members, As you may have read in the emails by Catherine Piette and by Paolo Di Croce, the Slow Food Brussels Convivium - lead so far by the ASBL Karikol - has handed over the lead of the local chapter to a new team: the Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels Convivium.Read more
Notre alimentation déconne… Chaque jour, les media nous alarment sur les produits qui induisent les cancers, sur l’impact des perturbateurs endocriniens, sur les polyrésistances émergentes suite à l’usage intensif d’antibiotiques...Read more
Vous êtes convaincu que manger « Slow Food » est à la fois positif en terme de goût et de qualité sanitaire et à la fois contribue à faire revivre...Read more