Bruxelles Champêtre 2017 - Slow Food Brussels Village

Sunday, 17 September, 2017

Slow Food Metropolitan Brussels participates in the event ‘Bruxelles Champêtre', this Sunday 17 September 2017 - which also happens to be Car Free Sunday in Brussels.

Together with producers out of Brussels, we are organizing a fascinating Producers Village with “Taste Workshops”, featuring good, clean and fair Belgian products. 

Will be associated to us in this village : Pistolet Original, Permafungi, Little Food, Belgobon, Ferme Nos Pilifs, Lili Bulk , Bugood Food, Vin Naturel, Chocolero, Comme ma grandmère, Vidya Ayurveda, AP Piola, Hoeve Cuvry, Claude Pohlig Cuisine Potager et Peter&Lila.

And as last year, SFMB will host an information booth and a bar for which we need your help as volunteers. If you are available, thanks for registering here :

As volunteer, you will receive a free access to all of the drinks of our bar as well as a lunch to the Slow Food Truck of your choice.

Adress of the day :

Parc Royal and Place des Palais
1000 Brussels

More information at :